The glass dining tables demonstrate class, elegance, and modernity in the true sense of those words. With a glass dining table, you can create a modern attitude to life in your home. Prepare a delicious feast to serve on your new glass dining table. If you want to establish highlights in your home, then you should definitely get one of this elegant furniture for the home.

Place chairs in front of your glass dining table and the overall picture are impressive. The design tables are not only modern, but also have a firm base and, in general, have a surface resistant to scratches. Also, unlike other materials, the glass is easy to clean.

In addition, luxury furniture is predominantly safety glass, which is more resistant than conventional glass. So, furnish your dining room with a glass dining table with IKEA chairs! This creates an elegant environment in which you will feel comfortable.

More than a matter of style!

A glass table with a wooden base looks different from a glass-based table, and a plastic-based model has completely different properties from a stone variant. Of course, you have to make the final decision on the most suitable material for the base of your new dining table. But we can advise you and inform you about the essential characteristics of the individual materials.

A transparent glass table looks almost weightless and exudes an incomparable lightness. So your dining room looks visually even a little bigger than it really is. The incident light enters effortlessly through the surface and exudes a magically beautiful style. For perennial durability, specially sealed safety glass provides a good choice, especially in homes with children. Your own individuality receives a glass table only in combination with a suitable base.

The rectangular board

The rectangular variants are presented as large models of dining tables. This format radiates a solid strength and is available in various sizes. From the small dining table for four people to the large banquet table, which can comfortably accommodate ten or more people, there are numerous possibilities.

All communicative

As a prototype of each round table, a round table promotes socialization. Since almost everyone is in the opposite position, the form is predestined for nights of prolonged games and arguments. At home, round glass dining tables create a particularly harmonious style.

The soft ovals

An elliptical glass dining table combines the advantages of the rectangular and round versions. With no hard corners and edges made of sturdy glass, the upper part of an oval glass table exudes an elegant luminosity that positively influences the ambiance of the room. If the table also has curved legs, everything seems wonderfully harmonious.

Square, practical, not problematic

Like a convex quadrilateral, the square represents equality in all directions and symmetric points, it seems to have few surprising features at first sight.

Do you want more information about our glass dining tables? A glass table looks elegant and gives your living room a modern feel. The dining tables with glass top are available in our web portal with a wooden or metal frame in various sizes and designs.

However, the table does not always have to be transparent. With us, you will also find many models with tabletops in black or white glass. If you expect to receive more guests from time to time, a removable glass table can also be an interesting option for you.

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