Regardless of the dining table and glass chairs you choose, the innovative technology that goes with it will fascinate you: if it’s a removable table like ours, in a matter of seconds, the removable modules can be operated smoothly and safely. With each step, you feel the extraordinary innovative power of our engineering designers.

Take a ruler and measure the planned area before deciding on a table. Equally important: How many dining chairs do you need? You should also consider this aspect when buying a table; It is not that when you finally set up there is a bad feeling that your new glass dining table does not have room for six, but only for four chairs.

Equally important is that the chairs fit under the table. The height of the regular table is between 74 and 80 cm. The distance from the seat to the table should be about 30 cm. If you choose chairs with armrests, these should be taken into account in the calculation. We are happy to advise you individually for optimal size.

Extendable dining tables, flexible in all respects

Our extendable glass dining tables convince not only with flexibility in length but also with flexibility in design. You can choose between different models of extendable tables, which satisfy the requirements of personal tastes and the respective architecture with its unmistakable design and its characteristic design vocabulary.

The thicknesses of delicate glass/crystal material for fine lines are as possible as the thicknesses of a solid base material that celebrate the noble natural wood in all its beauty. The table and extension sheets in wood, colored glass or ceramic, as well as pedestals in wood or metal, offer a variety of design and combination options for the individual planning of your extendable dining table.

The expansion technology dampens the movement of the integrated extension blades in both directions, thus completing the unique convenience of intuitive operation. And best of all, your guests remain seated all the time and can enjoy the impressive spectacle in the front row.

These tables grow with the number of your guests. In an instant, we go from the cozy family table to the majestic dining table. A children’s game with our sophisticated extendable dining tables made of tempered glass with a metal frame! With state-of-the-art table extensions and integrated extension sheets, our folding dining tables make you as flexible and spontaneous as your surprise guests.

With just a few steps, you can create up to four additional seats in a very short time. When choosing your table, there are numerous formats and extension sheets available in different lengths. Our extendable tables can also be equipped with 8 or 10 additional positions. We know how to create the ideal extendable dining table, which is perfectly suited to your home and your needs.

We not only take nature to your dining room but also more seats. And in a heartbeat! The padded extension sheets and intelligent extraction mechanisms ensure the easy and comfortable extension of our extendable tables. Our pull-out tables also offer more space for your creative creativity: choose the extension sheets in natural wood, colored glass or ceramic.

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This is an optional, highly
customizable off canvas area.

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