The dining room is known as that place in the house where all the members of the family gather to carry out the daily food consumption. However, it is also there where major celebrations are held every year, such as birthdays, Christmas and New Year dinners, anniversaries or graduations, or simply occasional meetings between family and friends. In the same way, it usually serves as a place to study or work.

In this sense, it is important to choose a dining room set that is consistent with the use that is given to it and that allows this to be a cozy and comfortable space in the house. Thus, the most advisable, depending on the space, is to choose a glass dining table six chairs and then explain why accompanied by its most outstanding features.

Characteristics of the table of 6 positions

A glass dining table with six chairs usually has a considerable size, because the spaces between each person must be of plus or minus 10 centimeters. In this way, everyone can move their arms and legs comfortably without worrying about bothering or clashing with the guest next to them. That is why it is always recommended to place them in spaces that are wide. They can be found in all forms, with standard measurements for one of the following:

  1. Round: the diameter should be between 120 cm to 150 cm.
  2. Square: its sides oscillate between 90 cm and 180 cm.
  3. Rectangular: these should usually be about 150 cm or 180 cm long by about 80 cm or 90 cm wide.

A very modern alternative that can currently be found in the markets, is ideal for homes where space is a bit small and it would not be very comfortable to have a glass dining table with six chairs covering so many meters. In this way, some creative designers, have devised a mechanism that allows having a table of smaller size and that at the time you want it can be enlarged and lengthened so that more people can be accommodated. In this regard, reference is made to the extensible dining tables, which work through a click mechanism or manually, and can transform a table of 4 seats into one of 6 posts.

Glass as a material

Although there are usually many concerns about glass in relation to its fragility and the risks they represent in a home. The truth is that these are currently worked with techniques such as tempering or lamination, which do give properties of resistance and hardness to glass, making it a fairly safe material to have in homes, where you even have children.

On the other hand, another of the characteristics that makes it ideal is that its maintenance and cleaning is extremely simple and easy. This is due to the fact that being waterproof surfaces, which do not have pores, it is impossible for them to absorb liquid or moisture, or to accumulate dust particles in cracks. Also, it does not rust. In this way, you only need to pass a soft towel without bristles moistened with a product to clean glass, and that’s it. It will always look like new.

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