The dining table is an essential piece of furniture to share a good meal with your guests. Discover all our round, oval, square or rectangular tables, available in glass, combined with several materials in the base such as wood or metal. Inevitably you will find the table that can receive your guests in the best way in a good dinner.

The glass of a table should be particularly solid and suitable for daily use. Tempered glass like a glass lid is five times stronger than ordinary glass. Glass is a very resistant material, but visually gives us a feeling of lightness and space.

With a glass table, your kitchen or living room will shine. They marry perfectly with sober and elegant houses with a harmonious set. They can be used as a bedside table, a side table, a dining table, a coffee table or a kitchen table.

Glass and art tables

In the house, the table gathers family and friends on all occasions, based on wood for a northern environment, in metal for an industrial style or with crooked legs for an artistic note. Tables with extensions, these tables for meals can be fixed but also extensible for special occasions of up to 14 people.

Our dining tables are mixed with all interior styles. Think of our extendable tables for large tables and our high tables for the bar area. Round, square or rectangular glass table: find the dining table that will adapt to your home!

It’s time to sit down!

The uses and designs of glass tables are very varied and depend in particular on their shape and size. To create a cozy space, it is better to associate a glass table with furniture made of other materials.

Share a unique moment

The dining table is the central element in this room, it brings us together with family or friends and allows us to share moments around a meal. Recognizing this, we offer many models ranging from simple and simple style to design dining tables, with modern and clean lines.

Choose a table that is in perfect harmony with the ambiance of your room or challenges a different style to give it a personal touch. At, everything is done so you can choose.

Our dining table selections

We have selected tables that adapt to any room. Enjoy the space saving with the extendable table of the original design, or opt for a vintage, nordic or modern style with the Maestro model in combination with the Alana chairs, a combination of glass, wood and white colors.

Classical, round, square or oval shapes that satisfy all tastes and needs, for more intimate and quiet moments, check out our small tables for 2 and 4 people. Choose a model of 12 people to accommodate all your family meals and all your special occasions. Let yourself be tempted by the different base materials to achieve the desired effect.

Classic and timeless, the rectangular coffee table exists in different versions, with baroque-inspired legs, metal frame, and contemporary lacquer or in a more industrial style, or straight legs for a vintage look. And as fashion evolves, your table becomes practical and the ideal tool to put your laptop or tablet, to work or relax.

Glass dining tables combined with a metal base structure to add modernity or with the dark glass tray for a more elegant representation. To be in perfect harmony with our tables, do not forget to take a look at our chairs to combine. With our selection of tables for dinner, renew your space as you see fit to live unique and unforgettable moments!

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