Simple, elegant, classic, progressive; basically, all the tables that we offer with design dining tables and also glass dining table seats 8. The materials used together with the design language have an individual charisma that influences the living environment.

What are your preferences?

In general, not even masterful design glass dining tables are alone, but rather in the company of the right dining chairs. Rely on a harmonious set, dare to a break of style: the point depends on you. As well as self-determined, you can choose your decoration of combined glass dining table seats.

We have tablecloths, individuals and other accessories ready to help you create a general appearance to your liking, your board game is a feast for the eyes. Get inspired and act as the perfect host! Original arrangements of decorative items season the festive table with an individual flavor.

Suitable for dining tables

Integrated into the general furniture, the dining tables invite you to enjoy the culinary delights, a suitable frame for the decoration of the floor and the light of the ceiling, Seen from below as from above, it completes a cozy living / dining room with aesthetic accessories.

In addition, a carpet under the dining table emphasizes the set: table and chairs or seat. Make sure you have the right size so that the furniture is fully integrated. Regarding the design and the color that you put the tone of the seats and the glass of the table, how about a touch of the East? What do you think of a contrasting pattern?

Correct size for the dining table

First, you must know where you want to place the dining table and how much space the planned location offers. Of course, the number of family members who regularly eat dinner also influences the purchase decision. If you wish to receive guests, this also plays a role in the selection of the model. After all, everyone wants to sit comfortably so the height is usually between 73 and 79 cm.

Matching chairs to the dining table

Even the chairs of the dining room shape the atmosphere of the table in a decisive way: the narrow and high backing forces them to have an impeccable attitude; you should choose more cozy models for the family, wide and with armrests. Such chairs offer subliminal protection, one likes to sit longer. The comfortable benches also inspire flexibility: a little more together, and then someone will find space at the table.

Check if the table and chairs match in height. If the difference between the area of ​​the chair and the surface of the table is less than 26 or more than 30 centimeters, it does not feel comfortable: the ideal is a distance of 28 centimeters. Build a 70-centimeter-high dining table if you want to sit in standard chairs. Equip a counter at a working height of 90 cm with stools (ideally adjustable in height), or build a 20 cm high pedestal for the chairs.

With us, decorating wishes come true with the click of a button. If you want to know which seats would be suitable for your glass dining table, we will recommend our wide range of chairs. Here you will find chairs and seats of all types and of every imaginable style. Be it a round seat or an elongated armchair, flashy or adjustable seats: the chairs should not only be decorative, but also functional.

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