The contemporary glass table comes in many forms, starting with the rectangular and round more or less classical, through the oval tables, to finish with even more original examples that reflect the imagination and creativity of today’s designers.

These types of tables necessarily constitute an important decorative detail because they are exposed to everyone’s eyes. Associating the glass table with a living space gives benefits of harmony. Decorating a light or dark interior with a designer glass table complements any décor.

The cold and polished beauty of the glass tables is a much appreciated quality in the workspaces. For this reason, the glass table will easily replace a desk in the work area of ​​a home.

Decoration with glass tables

Thanks to its transparent surface, the contemporary glass table is an ideal piece of furniture for kitchens, living rooms, and small dining rooms. If you have a small room to convert, it is a good idea to think about the round glass table that has a series of advantages for interiors of this type.

Compact and transparent, it is also more practical for studios and apartments of limited size because they can accommodate more guests than in a square or rectangular model.

Tables for dining glass and wood

Glass and wood go so well together that designers of kitchen and dining room furniture often rely on this combination of materials in the design of the glass tables. A rectangular glass table model with wooden legs is a perfect example of this concept.

In an interior dominated by light shades, a model glass table will have a less noticeable but equally interesting presence, especially if the chosen glass chairs have dark tones.

It is a classic piece of furniture whose glossy surface is successfully used in dark interiors or in spaces that leave something to be desired from the point of view of lighting. Glass and wood are two complementary natural materials; one symbolizes reserved beauty and the other warm grace.

In this context, it reflects light and allows us to improve the general mood of the room. The contemporary glass table is often chosen to complete the decoration of a kitchen or dining room with wooden details.

Accessories for a glass table

With regard to the accessories that best accompany a piece of furniture of this type, let us first mention the chairs that match a glass table. The decoration with glass chairs takes into account the properties of glass and its ability to return the lighting of the lights located around the table.

For example, chairs with wood details for a contemporary style dining table. Another example of decoration with glass table’s ideal for small spaces, complemented by transparent chairs, the model inspires a feeling of lightness and elegance.

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