Even in an area as extensive as interior decoration, there are signs that it is best to stay away from. Not only do they steal the harmony of the spaces, but it also creates a sense of visual disorder for everyone who runs into that piece of furniture.

Dining tables are one of those few elements with which it becomes very difficult to do things wrong. In the first place, the wide variety of models, materials, and colors allow the dynamics to be more fluid and the rest of the decoration to go with the furniture.

However, there are some combinations that, if only pronounced, make even the most enthusiastic risk-takers pout disapproval or, in any case, doubt the idea. A clear example is when it is mentioned how glass tables can fit with plastic chairs a mixture that, although rare, works if the following tips are taken into account.

Accompany it with stool-type seats

Not all plastic has to be limited to comfortable and basic garden chairs. There are some designs that challenge a bit to the ordinary. For example stool-type chairs. They are practical, economical and, best of all; acquire a more decorative character if enough effort is used.

When acquiring chairs of these qualities to accompany a glass table, you can also take as an option to add vibrant colors and move a little away from the tonalities; that is, black and white. Whenever it suits the rest of the decoration, red, yellow and green are colors that contribute a lot.

Locate them outdoors

At this point it is necessary to be realistic: if there is not enough space inside the house, it is best to buy a wooden dining room. However, for terraces, balconies, and gardens, a glass table with plastic chairs can look more than good.

The idea, at this point, is to buy it with the dimensions, the color of the glass and the appropriate base. Generally, to sustain this type of outdoor tables, iron is a resistant and durable material that will become the best investment. The glass, on the other hand, must be completely transparent, since the opacities do not usually look good with daylight.

Get the indicated adornment

Sometimes, the table is full of personality and style with a good ornament and, although outdoors you must be quite imaginative as to what you can buy or not, flowers will always work as a good alternative.

The question, at this point, is to decide which ones to decorate with. The roses are discarded for being too pompous, while the daisies, the sunflowers or any wild type combine perfectly.

Know how to choose the size

Unless it is a table for exclusively multitudinous purposes, such as a meal with friends or a family reunion, the glass tables -with plastic chairs-, the smaller the better.

However, this should not become a straitjacket. It is only a recommendation that arises since sometimes, the size of the table can hinder the transit of people in the house and ruin, in a certain way, the visual field.

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